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Zane Trace Girls Soccer 2007
12-3-3 gf 48 ga 19

Day Date Team Location JV VAR Div.
Tuesday 21-Aug Jackson Chilli   W 2-1 I
Thursday 23-Aug Hillsboro Away   L 3-6 I
Saturday 25-Aug Logan Chilli L 2-4 W 3-2 I
Tuesday 28-Aug Unioto Away   W 4-1 II
Saturday 1-Sep Bishop Hartley Home   T 1-1 II
Monday 3-Sep West Muskingum Away   L 0-1 II
Tuesday 4-Sep Fairfield Union Away   W 3-0 II
Wednesday 12-Sep Logan Elm Away   W 4-0 II
Saturday 15-Sep Lynchburg Clay Away   W 2-0 II
Thursday 20-Sep Minford VA Stadium T 1-1 W 2-0 II
Saturday 22-Sep Groveport Madison Home   W 3-0 I
Saturday 29-Sep Canal Winchester Home   T 1-1 I
Monday 1-Oct Amanda Away   W 2-0 II
Wednesday 3-Oct Miami Trace Home   W 5-1 I
Saturday 6-Oct Hamilton Township Away   W 7-1 I
Monday 8-Oct CSG Home L 0-4 T 2-2 II
Monday 15-Oct Greenfield McClain Home   W 3-0 II
Wednesday 18-Oct Fairfield Union Home   L 1-2 II

2007 Soccer Roster

Junior High Roster

7th (13)
Cassie Caplinger
Samantha Gearhart
Rachel Hutton
Corlee Jarvis
Megan Jaruwannakorn
Jaimee Jenkins
Stephanie Moats
Shelby Mitchell
Madison Oiler
Jessie Proehl
Amber Soroin
Holly Swepson
Brooke Uhrig

8th (5)
Haley Cochenour
Maggie Davis
Jessica Krouskop
Jill Ruby
Carey Williams

18 Junior High Girls !!!


High School Roster

Freshman (6)
Tori Davis
Amelia Halley
Emmy Ortman
Ali Pillow
Megan Roll
Samantha Ritchie

Sophomores (7)
Cassie Clifton
Samantha Grizzell
Tasha Harrington
Drew Hinton
Taylor Newland
Carlie Otten
Ashley Watson

Juniors (4)

Rebekah Coretti - Captain
Sara Penrod
Tiffany Skaggs
Alisha Thompson

Seniors (5)

Ashley Arnold
Kendra Dalton - Captain
Kayla Graves
Hannah Janes - Captain
Jennifer McCoy

Our Seniors ... We will miss you!!!





The 2007 Junior High School Lady Pioneers

Senior All - Star Game Participants

Pre-Season High School Players of the Week
Hannah Janes & Megan Roll & Tasha Harrington
Kendra Dalton & Jennifer McCoy

Week One: Alisha Thompson
Week Two: Kayla Graves
Week Three: Hannah Janes
Week Four: Ashley Arnold
Week Five: Carlie Otten
Week Six: Amelia Halley
Week Seven: Tiffany Skaggs

Special Awards - Players of the Week
Rebekah Coretti, Tori Davis, Emmy Ortman

Monday, September 3rd
West Muskingum at the 1st ever Warsaw Riverview Labor Day Soccer Fest
LOSS 0-1

Zane Trace High School
946 State Route 180
Chillicothe, OH 45601
(740) 775-1809
Mr. Holdren, Principal
Allen Koker, Athletic Director