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2009 Chapters of the Book

Chapter Titles

What the Heck ???

Each game is like a new chapter in a book. Each game is part of the entire story of the season but is also a new beginning, a fresh start. Each player writes part of the book in a new chapter every time she steps upon the field. If you write a bad chapter one day, you have a chance to fix it and come out and 'write' a better chapter the next. The entire season then becomes the book we write each season. Will  the book have a happy ending ??? Will you as a player add good parts to each chapter ???

PROLOGUE - Preseason

Rain - Rain - Go AWAY !!!

The preseason has come and gone. We are in the midst of the real deal. Everything we do now leads up to our first game with Bexley in just days. It was a rough start. 26 girls ready to play and then crash - bang - boom - lightning storms end our day before it got started. We are back at it today with storms in the area ... It is not the best start to a season we have had. We have a LOT of enthusiasm and energy and are ready to go.  Rain, Rain go away - WE WANT TO PLAY TODAY !!!

The Super Scrimmage saw us do well. We stepped up our play and defeated both Lakewood and Kenton Ridge. Our younger players took one on the chin versus Hillsboro, but we all worked hard and are ready for the season to start.

Table of Contents

Two Minutes - Bexley - The opening chapter of our book this season was against Bexley. Bexley is a perennial DII stand out team. It did not take long into our game and season to understand this. Bexley scored their first goal in the first two minutes of  the 2009 season. We steadied ourselves and held the scoreless for the rest of the half. The second half started as did the first half and we were down 2-0 very quickly, again in the first two minutes of the half. Bexley dominated the air and scored again on a corner to seal the victory. A late 4th goal ended the night for the Pioneers with their first loss of the season. Our JV team worked very hard this night as well. A zero - zero first half was a bright spot of the evening. As the game wore on their numbers wore us down and we ended up on the wrong side of a 0-2 score.

Maggie Davis was awarded the game ball.

It's A Game of Inches - Logan Elm - The night got started off on the wrong foot as we had the game times at 5:30/7:15 and they had it at 5:00/7:00. However, despite this, and the clouds of grass rust rising from the field, Our JV ladies gutted out a 1-0 victory for their first win of the season with a goal by Haley Cochenour. The varsity team took the field and the first half saw the Pioneers struggle to find them selves. It was an OWN goal by Logan Elm that provided  the Lady Pioneers with the first goal of the season. However, not minutes later the Braves decided that to be fair, they would also score one for themselves and the half ended 1-1. The first half was a matter on inches for ZT. Three hit posts/crossbars and a goal called back for offsides bode well for the second half - IF the Lady Pioneers could find those inches. The second half saw the Lady Pioneers begin to dominate play and eventually they would break through as Junior Megan Roll would score 4 goals with assists from 4 different players. The Lady Pioneers found their inches in the second half and walked off the field a 5-1 victor.

Megan Roll - and Rachel Hutton & Kayla Dye shared the game ball.

A Flock of Hawks - Bishop Hartley - The night started in a not so fun fashion as the Hartley caravan pulled into the parking lot for our games. 28 girls poured out from their cars ... We at first were excited ... We have 29 girls in our programs - they have 28 - should be FUN !!! But wait - NO WAY !!! 28 JV PLAYERS !!! - 20 more Varsity players are on their way ... Nearly 50 girls from Hartley would find their way down 23 to Kingston this night. The JV game, our first home games outcome was not as we hoped as the Flock of Hawks swarmed over our Pioneer Ladies to an 0-8 victory. The Varsity game saw  the Hawks go up to a 2 goal lead until Junior Pioneer Amelia Halley netted her first goal of the season to send it to half 2-1. However, the youthful Pioneers could not stand up to the Flock of Hawks and eventually succumbed to a 1-5 loss.

Senior Captain Tasha Harrington was awarded the game ball.

The Eagles Wings are Clipped - Madison Christian

It did not take long for the Pioneers to clipped the wings of the Eagles. The Pioneers came out ready to knock down these birds after getting beat up by the flock of hawks a couple nights before. Four goals in the first 20 minutes saw the Pioneers set the pace of the game and put it away early in the first half.  Freshman Megan Jaruwannakorn and Rachel Hutton scored their first goals for the Pioneers. Senior Captain Tasha Harrington added the fourth. The second half saw Sophomore Jill Ruby net two additional goals for the Pioneers and the first of her career at ZT. The Pioneers saw 28 players play in the game as the Eagles were grounded 6 - 0.

Megan Jaruwannakorn and Jill Ruby were awarded the game ball.

Eastern Brown - Lost in the Sun

The Lady Pioneers found their way on the field after getting lost on the way down. We went up 1-0 and seemed to have the game in hand. However, the heat of the day, the 1 1/2 hour bus trip, waiting for another 1 1/2hours for the boys to play took their toll on the ladies. A late second half goal given up by the Pioneers and a missed PK by EB ended the day in a disappointing 1-1 tie. Lucky not to be a lost.

Indians Scalp the Pioneers

The JV game was called early as storm clouds delayed the game and would have ended the night early. The varsity game started in a great fashion as the Pioneers scored early and looked to take the game to the Indians. However, the Canal Winchester Indians rallied and scored 4 unanswered goals to defeat the Lady Pioneers 4-1who may have been looking a little ahead to Unioto.

Unioto Tanks and Pioneers Battle to Tie

Both teams came out strong. The JV team took the day and destroyed the JV Tanks 4-0. Each team has very little love for each other. We respect, work and cheer for each other when we each go outside the county to play. However, when it comes to playing each other, It's like to brothers or sisters fighting. We love each other when the game is over - but while the game is going on, we are each others worse enemy.  Both teams missed chances and gave as much as it took. A tie for both of these young teams was not the result either team wanted - but problem what each other deserved at this point in the season - 0-0

Rain, Rain Go AWAY !!!

Torrential downpours throughout the game slowed the Pioneers down. The tall uncut grass also slowed the Pioneers down to a crawl. However, the Lady Pioneers took over the game and gave very little chances to the Braves of Whetstone. It was not until at the very end of the game that the Braves could mount an offsides attack to pull close. It was the Pioneers first game against a Columbus City School and they came away with a win against the Whetstone Braves in Columbus 2-1!

Wind, Wind Go AWAY !!!

The rain was gone, however, the wind was in it's place. A constant gale limited both teams attacks in the direction from which the wind came. The Pioneers gutted out a victory as some of the our ladies guts were in not feeling well on the bench. Fairfield Union, always a tough out for the Pioneers played their hearts out and came up just short 2-1.

 Falcons Wings Clipped

Both the Pioneer JV and Pioneer Varsity dominated the day giving the Falcons no flying room. The Pioneers clipped the wings of the Falcons and sent the birds home packing.


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