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The Book Has Begun!

2008 Chapters of the Book

Chapter Titles

What the Heck ???

Each game is like a new chapter in a book. Each game is part of the entire story of the season but is also a new beginning, a fresh start. Each player writes part of the book in a new chapter every time she steps upon the field. If you write a bad chapter one day, you have a chance to fix it and come out and 'write' a better chapter the next. The entire season then becomes the book we write each season. Will  the book have a happy ending ??? Will you as a player add good parts to each chapter ???

PROLOGUE - Preseason

The preseason has come and gone. We are in the midst of the real deal. Everything we do now leads up to our first game with Bishop Hartley in just two weeks. The preseason for us, like many of our families, was like a farmer looking over his fields. We harvested a great crop last season and that has left the fields bare. We have begun to sow the seeds of a new season and a new crop. The fields are still a bit bare but it looks to be a good crop this year. By tournament time we expect there to be abundant crops to harvest on our fields.

Table of Contents

Ross County Super Scrimmage

The Super Scrimmage has past. We had one win and two losses. We struggled at times and at times we looked pretty good. With us being so young on the field, we are often at times unsure of ourselves. We look to others to make the big play, and lead the team. But our long time friends and heroes that have been doing that for years are gone and off to college. It is now OUR turn to step up, our turn to be leaders, our turn to make the big play for the team. We cannot look to others to step up anymore, it is our turn, our time to step up. We have one more scrimmage to go before the season begins.

Players of the Week Preseason

Emmi Ortman, Tori Davis, Kayla Dye, Tasha Harrington and Rebekah Coretti were selected our preseason players of the summer and preseason weeks.

Captains Chosen
Joining Rebekah Coretti as our captains are Tiffany Skaggs and Tasha Harrington.


Where's the Bus???
Loss - Bishop Hartley Result: 0-7 (0-2 halftime) Record 0-1-0

The game ball was split and awarded to Senior Rebekah Coretti and Junior Tasha Harrington for their tireless efforts during the game. From the very beginning it was apparent that the youthful Pioneers were no match for the older, talented Hartley team. Coretti stood tall and had nearly a dozen saves in the first half to keep the game within reach. The score stood at 0-2 at halftime. The Pioneers never really generated a threat to the Hartley goal and were on their heels the entire evening starting from the opening as the Pioneer bus arrived an hour late to the site. Starting 3 sophomores in the back the Pioneers are building a defense that will be able to be together for 3 years. Lessons were learned all over the field and the Hartley players are wonderful teachers. The season has begun and we cannot look back. This game is now over and we are on to the next one.

Weathering the Storm!!!
Tie - Unioto Result: 1-1 (1-1 halftime) Record 0-1-1

Unioto came out fired up while the Zane Trace Pioneers were back on their heels. It was like being in a whirlwind. Unioto was determined to end the game early and put ZT in a hole. However, Unioto could not just find the nets and it was Zane Trace Pioneer Freshman Kayla Dye that found the nets first and put the Lady Pioneers up by one. Freshman keeper Maggie Davis was awarded the game ball for her stellar work in the nets. Unioto knotted the game just before half. The second half saw more even play and both sides missed some good chances. It was again Freshman Maggie Davis that stood tall when she saved a penalty kick that would have given the Tanks the game. What is it with Unioto, ZT and hurricanes? Katrina came through the area a few years ago when these two teams played and now Fay makes its way into the area on the same day these two teams play. Coincidence??? We wonder ???

A New Century Begins!!!
Win - Washington Court House Result 3-1 (1-1 halftime) Record 1-1-1
Jv Wins first game 2-0

The new century is under way. Playing in the 100th game in their young history the Pioneers dominated the field as they defeated the Blue Lions 3-1. Scoring for the Pioneers were Skaggs, Roll and Halley. The Pioneers took control of their 100th game and would not let go. From the opening whistle ZT attacked like they haven't done all year. Finally mid way through the first half Sophomore Megan Roll found the back of the net. The score would go to 1-1 at half when a ZT deflected ball registered the Lion goal. The second half again saw the Pioneers dominate the field yet not able to find the net. Finally Pioneer Tiff Skaggs broke free down the left side and netted a goal at the back post. Amelia Halley placed a free kick into the upper 90 with just minutes  to play to finish out the scoring. The entire team was awarded the game ball for the effort.

The JV Pioneers also dominated  the field and allowed just a couple shots and saw Freshman Halley Cochenour and Sophomore Tori Davis net goals for ZT. The Pioneers scored TWO victories on this their 100th anniversary.

The Goal That Wasn't!!!
Loss - Fairfield Union Result 3-4 (0-2 halftime) Record 1-2-1
JV Ties Game 1-1

The Pioneers scored early in the first half when Amelia "Boomer" Halley launched one of her patented rockets from 40 yards out that beat the keeper to the far post as it dribbled across the line into the side netting. Pioneers take the early lead 1 - 0. WHAT??? NO!!! YOU'RE KIDDING??? The Ref says NO GOAL !!! NO GOAL!!! as the Fairfield Union Keeper digs the ball out of the side netting as from his angle up field the ball never crossed the line!!! WE WAS ROBBED!!! The set back cost the Pioneers a goal and they were dishearten for a bit and FU took advantage and netted two goals to take the halftime lead 2-0. At halftime the Pioneers we challenged by the coaches to rebound and finish strong and win the second half. The young Pioneer ladies responded as they began to take charge of  the game and netted an early goal off a Harrington throw in to an Amelia Halley goal. The Pioneers momentum was crushed  quickly as the more experienced Falcons netted two quick goals to send the score to 4-1 in their favor. Both teams then settled down and it look like the score would end 4-1. With 5 minutes to go, the Pioneers were determined to make a game of it. Furious counter attacks in the closing minutes saw the Pioneers net two more goals by Amelia to end the game with a score of 4-3. The Pioneers achieved the goal of the coaches by winning the second half but not quite the game. The game ball was awarded to Amelia Halley for taking on the roll of striker and netting her first ever hat trick.
JV Pioneer Halley Cochenour scored with less than two minutes left in  the game to knot the score at 1 to send the JV record to 1-1-0.


Loss - Logan Elm Result 0-6 (0-2 halftime) Record 1-3-1
JV Wins again 3-1

The JV team started the night on a promising note when  they defeated the Braves 3-1 in the warm up game. Hannah Cryder, Carlie Otten and Halley Cochenour each netted a goal in the game.
The varsity game was a different matter. The Braves came out fired up and scored in the first five minutes of a ball deflected by a Pioneer defender. It looked like to be the Braves night. However, the Pioneers began to settle in and began to match the Braves intensity. It was at the 25 minute mark when Pioneer Forward, Amelia Halley went down with a dislocated knee cap. The squad was called and play was delayed for an 1/2 hour as she laid on the pitch in agony. After that the Pioneers lost focus and direction for the night. Tears for their teammate were in their eyes the entire night. The Braves notched the second goal of the game when a long shot in the final minutes of the half slipped through the Pioneer Keepers hands. It stood 2-0 at half. The second half saw the resurgent Pioneers control the game and not allow the Braves across midfield for about 15 minutes. However, ZT could not score. In their pressing forward a long ball from the Braves Defense over the top of the ZT defense was netted by the Braves to seal the win. The final three goals were scored late in the game as Zane Trace began to removed its starters and let the JV players get some varsity experience against a up and coming team and program. The Pioneers were outplayed on this occasion and lost the game and lost a valuable member of the team as well. All of our wishes for a fast recovery go out to our fallen team mate. We miss you already!!!

Loss - Grandview Heights Result 0-6 (0-3 halftime) Record 1-4-1
JV Ties again 0-0

Traveling to Grandview to face the Bobcats on their beautiful new turf field saw the Pioneers go down to defeat 6-0. The Pioneers are amongst a 14 game in 20 day run through their schedule. The original roster of 25 when the games were added to the schedule is now down to 19 with the walking wounded. Everyone on the roster is playing both varsity and JV. If it we not for the new half rule in place this year in Ohio High School Soccer, there would be no JV games. The team is working hard together to help each other get the playing time and experience each needs to make us a better team. The coaches are excited at the work everyone is putting in for each other. Tasha Harriginton was awarded the game ball for her hard work all over the field during the varsity game and her stellar save in the nets in the JV game.


Loss - Jackson Result 0-4 (0-2 halftime) Record 1-5-1
JV losses 0-3

No player from Jackson currently on their team had ever beaten the Pioneers. This night though vengeance was on their mind. The young Pioneer squad played well but again came up short on the score board. The Pioneer Varsity have lost to 5 quality opponents in 7 games. Hartley and Grandview are in the top 5 in the Central District where as Fairfield Union and Logan Elm are in the top five in the South East District, and Jackson ... Well Jackson and Zane Trace go waaaay back ... The game ball was awarded to the team for their effort on this night as all gave everything to the team. The JV team suffered its first setback of the season losing to the Ironladies as well in the night's opening contest.

Cover Kendra !!!
Loss - Minford Result 1-3 (0-1 halftime) Record 1-6-1
The Minford team for the entire first half was marking Kendra very tightly ... Girls would be heard to say - get Kendra ... We could not understand  this ... Maybe there was a Kendra on their team and we just misunderstood ... The fact that Kendra graduated and is playing for Liberty University was lost on our opponent. Never the less the Minford Falcons outplayed the Pioneers and defeated them. The coach of Minford got a gatorade shower after the game ... We are not loved ... ;o)
No game ball was awarded.

Stuck in the Mud ...
Loss - Eastern Brown Result 0-6 (0-2 halftime) Record 1-7-1
It was as if our feet were stuck in the mud and the Eastern Brown team was not ... Sluggish play by the Pioneers and great wing play by Eastern doomed the Pioneers from the onset. It was over early and it was a long muddy hot steamy day ... A few bright spots were had as freshman Dye shined in her role as offensive midfielder.
Game ball was awarded to Kayla Dye.


Ohhhh Sooo Close ...
Loss - Canal Winchester Result 2-3 (0-2 halftime) Record 1-8-1
Down 2 nil at half t he Pioneers mounted a tremendous attack at the Canal Goal. Socring 2 second half goals put he Pioneers in a position to make a stunning comeback. It was a fantastic corner kick form the Canal player, as she bent the kick in to ice the game for the Indians. The game ended with the ball in the Pioneers hands getting ready for another corner kick. The game was played very well and was a intense game. The entire team earned the game ball for their effort.
Game ball was awarded to entire team

47 Shots ... One Goal ... Ugly
Win - Alexander Result 1-0 (0-0 halftime) Record 2-8-1
A win is a win ... It was a long and ugly night. The game did not get started until almost 8pm due to a late footbal game. The Pioneers would take it in stride and took over the game almost immediately. Denying the young Alexander team even one shot, the Pioneers nearly frustrated their fans and themselves as it was not until 10 minutes were left in the game that Senior Tiffany Skaggs netted the game winner ... 47 shots to 0 ... It was a loooong night for the coaches and fans ... But a win is a win and it is on to Miami Trace.The Game ball was awarded to Tiffany Skaggs


2 Minutes ...
Loss - Miami Trace Result 1-2 (0-1 halftime) Record 2-9-1
Take away the last minute of the first half and the first minute of the second half and the Pioneers are winners. 78 minutes of hard work. The defense was awarded the game ball for their hard work. We have now scored 12 goals in 12 games. We are averaging one goal scored a game and are allowing an average of 4 a game.



Next up Logan Elm


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