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Chapter Titles

What the Heck ???

Each game is like a new chapter in a book. Each game is part of the entire story of the season but is also a new beginning, a fresh start. Each player writes part of the book in a new chapter every time she steps upon the field. If you write a bad chapter on day, you have a chance to fix it and come out and 'write' a better chapter the next. The entire season then becomes the book we write each season. Will  the book have a happy ending ??? Will you as a player add good parts to each chapter ???

We have taken to name each chapter of the season ... Thus far we have ...

#1 Lost on the Appalachian Highway ... A long trip, getting lost on the way
we win at Eastern Brown 2-0.

#2 Asleep at the Wheel ... A loss at Lynchburg 0-3 on the first
day of school, again we got lost again and played as if we were asleep.

#3 The Other Woman - Katrina ... a tie at Unioto 0-0 as we
played only one half on a flooded field in a downpour.

#4 Home Sweet Home ... a win over Jackson 3-0, we used the new locker rooms,
Our first home game this season.

#5 In Sickness and in Health ... down by two goals and down by half the team
feeling sick ... We come back to score six ... We beat Fairfield Union 6-2

#6 Dog gone it !!! ... Playing away as an underdog to Bexley we come out
hard and play a good game but this dog loses its bite and goes down to defeat 0-4

#7 The New Norm ...Playing at home at Minford we weather Minford's initial rush
to sneak ahead 2-1 at half. Minford who always plays us tough would not go away. We hang on to win 4-2. We are beginning to play hard every game !!!

#8 Ready or Not !!! ... Playing at home versus Bishop Ready the Pioneer ladies come out
strong and take control early and go on to win 4-0.

#9 Any Port in the Storm ... The Pioneers struggle with the Cruisers of Groveport.
ZT goes up quickly 2-0 against Groveport and then go into "Cruise" mode. Groveport does not go quietly as the Pioneers finish the game a 3 nil victor.

#10 Katrina Returns ... We thought Katrina was behind us ... However, the sprinklers
were left on over night and the field was a quagmire ... The Pioneers overcome the
elements and Unioto to win 6-1.

#11 Glimpse of  the Future ??? Playing with only 2 seniors the Pioneer Ladies
young talent leads the way as we tie Hillsboro 1 - 1.

#12 Half Empty or Half Full ??? Senior night saw the Pioneer Ladies play the game of two halves. Not able to find the back of the net in the first half the Senior Pioneers
were determined to take the game over. Each senior tallied a goal in the 4 nil victory over Logan.

#13 We are 4H ers... Going down 1 nil at the 15 minute mark the Pioneer Ladies
dig deep and show the HEART champions are made of and rally and score two before half.
The HEALTH and fitness of the Pioneers was tested and we over came as
the team work HAND in HAND with each other.
An early second half crushing HEADER off a corner kick buried in the upper 90
also buries Jackson and wins the game. Jackson scores late Final 3-2.

#14 Who is going to show up ??? The Pioneers played two different halves. The first half was void of emotion and we squeaked out a 3-1 lead. The second half was full of sound and fury and we scored two goals in two minutes and ended the game 8-1 victors. WHO shows up ready to play each game makes a huge difference.

#15 Light my fire ... The pilot light on the Lady Pioneers furnace was nearly out ... the Minford Falcons came out flying high and took over the game. The Pioneers hung around
for most of the game but could not get ignited and the Falcons soared tonight giving ZT a 1-3 loss.

#16 A Bad Cross is a Good Shot !!! The banged and dinged up ZT team traveled to
Amanda for the last game of the season. The ZT defense held strong throughout the first
half as the ZT offense struggled to find the net. The half ended 0-0. The second half
found the ZT offense much more effective and a searching cross ended up in the
back of the Amanda net. The game ended in a 3-0 victory for the Pioneers

The regular season is now over ... Now on  to the tournament !!!

#17 Pioneer Pride ... The game could have been settled in the first minute as ZT missed
three good chances to put the game away. However, the Falcons soared first with a
PK that put them up one to nil at the 25 minute mark. With only 4 minutes to go to half
Maradona shows the way and ZT ties the score 1 - 1 at half. The Pioneer score half way through the half on a PK themselves to ice the game. The Pioneers weathered the
Falcon storm and show Pride in their 3rd comeback win this season.

#18 Eastern Brown ... The final chapter of a book can be a sad thing or a happy one.
Our final chapter is not a happy one. We fall to the Brownies 1-2. It was not our best night
fer sure.

HOWEVER, the book was a great one this year. We came up one chapter short, but
in this we take away a desire and a promise  that next year our book will not end
in  this way.

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